Almost Live

Almost Live

10 Episodes

Almost Live follows author, bigfoot researcher, survivalist and adventurer Thomas Marcum as he explores the deeps woods of Kentucky. The show is presented in a raw, uncut live footage format. See unique and remote locations.

Almost Live
  • AL 101 Pilot

    Episode 1

    Thomas ventures out on a rainy day to film the pilot episode of Almost Live. This episode was cut short due to heavy rains but it served the purpose of lunching the series. Thomas talks about bigfoot and ginseng hunting. He discovers a large track.

  • AL 102 Ginseng and Bigfoot

    Episode 2

    In this episode, Thomas hikes into a remote area looking for ginseng and evidence of bigfoot. The ginseng digging is a little sparse but finding a series of large bigfoot tracks makes his efforts all worth it.

  • AL 103 Amazing Discoveries

    Episode 3

    Thomas makes several interesting discoveries and finds some pretty good ginseng. The findings re-energize and uplift him. This episode will have you curious as to what will come next.

  • AL 104 More Bigfoot Stuff

    Episode 4

    Thomas returns to the area where he found a couple of bigfoot structures. He was excited and couldn't wait to get back into that area and check it out more. This day did not disappoint at all.

  • AL 105 More Bigfoot and Game Cams

    Episode 5

    On this particular day, Thomas returns to set up several game cameras. This is the area where he recently found several stick formations. In this episode he also shows you several other interesting things from his neck of the woods.

  • AL 106 Sick, But Doing it Anyway

    Episode 6

    Thomas is not feeling very good but it sure didn't stop him from enjoying a nice day in the mountains. He covers a large area hunting for ginseng and looking for possible bigfoot sign. He finds several things that you might find interesting.

  • AL 107 Ginseng Hunting & Bigfooting

    Episode 7

    This is ginseng season! The time of year that Thomas is in the mountains more than normal. He enjoys hunting ginseng and it gives him yet another reason to walk the mountains. It also gives him more opportunities to search for bigfoot related evidence.

  • AL 108 Rock Stack Explained

    Episode 8

    In this episode Thomas is in one of the roughest areas he has been in this year. The area was thick with briers and high weeds. The high weeds hid potholes and rocks. He fines a few interesting things during this journey, including a Rock Stack.

  • AL 109 Game Cam Retrieval

    Episode 9

    In this episode Thomas goes out to retrieval game cams and look for some ginseng. Once he gets to the second and third game cams, He is surprised at what he fines.

  • AL 110 Final Game Cam Retrieval

    Episode 10

    The season finale! It's the final trip of the year to retrieve the last of the game cameras. It is a lovely fall day and the animals are moving about. Once again something has attacked two of the game cameras, will the video show exactly what it was?