Buried Alive Paranormal

Buried Alive Paranormal

9 Episodes

Buried Alive Paranormal Productions investigating claims of the paranormal and documenting some of the scariest places on Earth.

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Buried Alive Paranormal
  • BAP 101 Ghosts of the Cage

    Episode 1

    Buried Alive Paranormal Productions take their guest investigator, Joe, to the haunted Squirrel Cage Jail in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Joe is a non-believer in life after death and hauntings. While on this investigation, Joe inadvertently captures a haunting image of a man's face.

  • BAP 102 Haunting at Malvern

    Episode 2

    Buried Alive Paranormal Productions takes Zach on a paranormal investigation at Malvern Manor in Malvern, Iowa. Zach is still trying to figure out how the paranormal realm fits in with us, the living. Zach has some experiences that he will not soon forget.

  • BAP 103 Paranormal Railway

    Episode 3

    Buried Alive Paranormal Productions investigates the Railswest Train Museum in Council Bluffs Iowa. Liz, the guest investigator, started this journey thinking that people roamed the earth as spirits but wasn't so sure. Her goal was to find out the truth. Liz describes the events that happened to...

  • BAP 104 Spirits of Edinburgh

    Episode 4

    Buried Alive Paranormal Productions welcomes back Zach for this adventure. We also have Bailey as our Guest investigator. Bailey is a believer in the paranormal and a practicing catholic. Bailey observed as a team member experienced some strange phenomenon that was not explainable. A strange appa...

  • BAP 105 Waverly Hills

    Episode 5

    Buried Alive Paranormal Productions takes a new approach to investigating. They bring along 5 seasoned investigators to cover the nearly 180,000 square feet of what is considered the most haunted location in the United States, Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Some of the evidence captured here brings ne...

  • Buried Alive Paranormal: Stephenson Building

    Episode 6

    Buried Alive Paranormal investigates the Stephenson Building. Its rich history takes you back through many eras in time. The spirits that linger here seem to have ties to Al Capone, the Dillinger Gang as well as members of the KKK and the odd fellows. As Buried Alive Paranormal finds more evidenc...

  • The Twisted Realm: Avenel

    Episode 7

    Join the members of the Twisted Crew as they take you to the town of Bedford, Va to investigate a location with a rich historical past, Avenel Plantation.

  • The Haunted Hunts: Antwerp Mansion

    Episode 8

    Watch and Chat Live: https://vidi.space/live/ -- In Manchester, an historic mansion has become the focus of increased crime rates in the area. Reports suggest people are becoming increasingly aggressive after spending time in the basement of the house and a dark mass has been seen lurking in the ...

  • DAMM Ladies of the Paranormal: Millard

    Episode 9

    Watch and Chat Live: https://vidi.space/live/ -- The D.A.M.M. Ladies of the Paranormal feature a group of women who explore places of the unknown. Their main focus is to help out families in need and find out what is haunting their homes. In Episode 2 they focus on a private residential case in...