Buried Secrets Paranormal

Buried Secrets Paranormal

2 Seasons

We are a paranormal investigative team based in Amarillo, Texas. We are looking for answers and helping people. Our team members are just like family and we range in age from early 20's to mid 60's, bringing many years of experience to the investigation.

Buried Secrets Paranormal
  • BSP 102 Spirits of Hale House

    The Buried Secrets Paranormal Team Travels to Jefferson, TX to investigate the infamous Hale House, to uncover the truth about the mansion's hauntings.

  • BSP 101 The Haunting of Panther Pizza

    The Buried Secrets Paranormal Team investigates the paranormal phenomena in Panther Pizza in Panhandle, Texas.

  • BSP 103 The Haunting of North Ward School

    The BSP Crew rush to the small town of Dalhart, TX to investigate the former "North Ward Elementary School." They talk to a local who has not only witnessed terrifying paranormal events, but also lived inside the building. There is definitely more than just a "child" spirit roaming the abandoned ...

  • BSP 104 The Haunting of North Ward School Part II

    Episode 4

    The BSP Crew heads back to the former "North Ward Elementary School" in Dalhart, TX. What will they find this time?

  • BSP 105 Panhandle Inn Lockdown

    Episode 5

    After 5 long years, the BSP crew returns to a very special location in Panhandle,TX and witness the most mind blowing paranormal events they have ever captured on film.