By Night: Origins

By Night: Origins

3 Episodes

BY NIGHT: ORIGINS is anthology amplified! Each short episode journeys into the unknown with tales of the paranormal and horrors of the human condition revealing that everything has a dark side. Starring Joe DeRosa from Better Call Saul as The Nocturnal.

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By Night: Origins
  • BN:O 1 Airborne

    Episode 1

    A chance encounter in a bar sends a pilot into a life or death situation in the air, pushing him right to the edge of his limits...and his sanity.

  • BN:O 2 Coming Storm

    Episode 2

    An out-of-control evening of partying for a group of friends at a cabin in the mountains leads to someone being chained to a fireplace. As a storm rages outside, the night reveals monsters within.

  • BN:O 3 The Crossing

    Episode 3

    A mysterious baby is presented to a noble Priest, forcing him to face the ultimate moral decision of denying his God or destroying the child.