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  • Coffee with Ken E8


  • Something Stoney E18

  • Eternal Ink: Tattoos from the Spirit Worlds

    Epic journeys to understand the last indigenous tattooing practices. From the tattooed women of the Indian jungle to shapeshifting shamans and tattoos that give supernatural power, this is also a personal journey for filmmaker Maellyn Macintosh.

  • ETs Among Us 5: Binary Code, Secret Messages from the Cosmo

    Linda Moulton Howe analyzes parallel binary code warnings from UFOs 35 years apart. Sadly, in 2020 these warnings have already come true.

  • L.A. Macabre: 3 In a Barrel

    After a video surfaces online of Ryan, Jamie, and Colin being "Creepy Crawling," Ryan calls his friend J.P. to track down the source of the uploads.

  • Ancient European Mysteries: Celestial Messages

    For about 2000 years there have been reports of miraculous celestial phenomena. Does this phenomenon perhaps only specify something in the religious sense, which actually has a completely different meaning?

  • My Paranormal Experience: A Twisted Mini series

    Part 1: Old South Pittsburg Hospital. Tonna Lotts from the Twisted Paranormal Society for the first time in years, talks about the experience that still to this very day has a hold on her. “You do NOT have permission, to hurt Tonna!”

  • Without a Scalpel

    1 season

    What if a doctor could save your limb, your liver, your brain ... your life, and send you home with only a Band-Aid? No Surgery, No Stitches, No Scars.

  • The Art of the DJ

    Steve Lawler is one of the UK’s most long-standing and well-respected DJs. ‘The Art of the DJ’ is the story of Steve’s rise to the forefront of UK underground dance music and an 80-minute journey into a career which has spanned over two decades

  • Blank Slate: The Future of Indie Film

    A documentary about the Indie film-making scene in 2020 and the challenges they face in an ever-evolving market.

  • Interlaced

    Young Kadin decides to face his fears, camping deep in the Oregon forest where his 5-year-old sister mysteriously disappeared.

  • Afterlife Sessions: Old Lake County Jail

    While the legend of John Dillinger haunts this jail, the crew captures a shadow figure on the 3rd floor.

  • Broadmoor: A History of the Criminally Insane

    Criminology Professor David Wilson uses interviews and archives to highlight Britain's most notorious criminals and the place they called home.

  • Built on Graves: Indian Burial Mounds

    Discover cultures that were once here long before us and how we've destroyed many of their mounds to build homes, businesses, parks, etc.

  • The Ghost Finders: The Haldeman Mansion

    The Ghost Finders tenth season continues with a Christmas Special from The Haldeman Mansion in Lancaster PA and a new surprise addition to the cast!

  • Intelligent Design

    Intelligent Design dives into the age-old question as to where we come from. What if the answer has been right in front of us the whole time? What if a simple math ratio could answer these questions for us? A Josh Heard Film.

  • JPR Experience: Missouri State Penitentiary

    JPR is joined by Seth and Jesse Alne of CCPI and Jessica and Charles Bruce III as they experience their first ever night locked inside a 184 year old prison, with an exclusive first look inside the Buried Cells and Recreational Cages.