Dark Arts Paranormal

Dark Arts Paranormal

4 Episodes

I travel the world documenting various historic buildings with the main interest being of alleged hauntings. I have dedicated my life to paranormal research due to having experiences from being young which has lead me to ask more questions as to whether the paranormal actually exists.

Dark Arts Paranormal
  • DAP 101 Do Not Enter this Haunted Fort After Dark

    Episode 1

    Join the team as they investigate Scoveston Fort, an old civil war fortress, said to bye haunted by ex-civil war soldiers. Will they encounter any paranormal phenomena here?

  • DAP 102 The Most Haunted Woods in Britain

    Episode 2

    The team is at the infamous Pembrey Woods, an ex RAF field, Ammunition factory where many lost there lives during the WW2 efforts.

  • DAP 103 Real Ghost Caught on Camera

    Episode 3

  • DAP 104 Double Murder House

    Episode 4

    In 2014 John Lowe killed his wife and his stepdaughter with a firearm. The house has been abandoned since and we have come to investigate and it was clear that we weren't alone at keepers cottage stud where the horrific events took place.