Female Werewolf

Female Werewolf

From indie filmmaker Chris Alexander (BLOOD FOR IRINA, QUEEN OF BLOOD) comes FEMALE WEREWOLF, an intimate psychodrama about one women's search for sex and sanity. "She" (Carrie Gemmell) is a girl in the grip of a waking fever dream, slave to erotic, bloody fantasies that are slowly seeping into the grind of her sterile reality. As her sexual tensions and anxieties spiral, she slips into madness, believing that she might be turning into a monster. Featuring a mesmerizing, near mute performance by Gemmell, FEMALE WEREWOLF is a surreal experimental horror film, shot entirely by Alexander on a series of iPhones and featuring a moody score by Alexander and The Gotham City Drug Store. Horror, International.

“…a very visual, very experiential film…going to appeal to genre nerds of a very specific type, especially those with a soft spot in their hearts for the films of Jean Rollin and Jess Franco.” – DVD Talk

“A sexually charged art house film.” – The Blood Shed

About the Director: Chris Alexander is a Toronto-based film critic, director, music composer and freelance writer, former Editor-in-Chief of FANGORIA, and is the current managing editor for the horror website SHOCK TILL YOU DROP. He was also a critic and columnist for RUE MORGUE magazine. As a filmmaker he is the writer, director and composer of the award winning vampire film BLOOD FOR IRINA (2012), its sequel, QUEEN OF BLOOD (2014) as well as his erotic surrealist venture FEMALE WEREWOLF. Alexander has also composed original music for films like Joseph O’Brien’s THE DEVIL’S MILE, Chris Walsh’s stop motion horror film THE SHUTTERBUG MAN , featuring narration by film legend Barbara Steele (BLACK SUNDAY, CASTLE OF BLOOD, 8 1/2). As a recording artist, his album “Music for Murder” (Giallo Disco) was released in 2015. Alexander’s live performances of his dark, electronic music are dramatic and visual…and very, very bloody.

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Female Werewolf
  • Female Werewolf

    Lost in a fever of sexual delirium, a mentally unstable woman (Carrie Gemmell) begins to believe she may be turning into a monster. A moody, sensual and surreal psychological thriller from filmmaker, musician and magazine editor Chris Alexander (BLOOD FOR IRINA, FANGORIA).