2 Seasons

The G_CREW gives unique access into the other side with Nick Groff, Chad Lindberg, Johnny Houser and Josh Heard. Special guests announced every month. Interesting topics and crazy conversations. Go beyond where others stop and discover new insight never heard before! Explore broad topics such as paranormal, fitness, relationships, wellness, bizarre world, music, interesting people, romance, crazy minds, theories, cultures, etc... Be a part of the journey and let's take a walk on the wild side!

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  • G_Crew 101 John E.L. Tenney

    Episode 2

    The G CREW interview the brainiac John E.L. Tenney. Get ready to go down the rabbit hole for an incredible conversation! Ghosts, Aliens, UFOs, Bigfoot, crazy humans, parallel universes and all sorts of weirdness! Hit play, sit back and escape reality... Want to support the podcast? Check out: htt...

  • G_Crew 102 John Zaffis

    Episode 3

    The G CREW interviews the Godfather of the Paranormal - Johnny Zaffis. Very in-depth conversation about possession, hauntings, perspectives and life. The journey continues here...

  • G_Crew 103 Trina Jackson Falca

    Episode 4

    The G CREW interview an incredible athlete, Trina Jackson Falca, with great stories to tell and what it’s like to compete in the Olympics!

  • G_Crew 104 Joe Moravsky

    Episode 5

    One of the best athletes Joe Moravsky talks with the G CREW about competing in American Ninja Warrior. Get the first insight on what it is like to train, run the course, fail and come back stronger than ever to try to win the million dollar price on one of the toughest obstacle courses in the world.

  • G_Crew 105 Schreck Family

    Episode 6

    The G_Crew guys interview our favorite family and stars of the VIDI Original Series - Haus of Schreck

  • G_Crew 106 Bobby Mackey

    Episode 7

    The G CREW speak with the legendary Bobby Mackey at his location in Wilder Kentucky! An insight into the history of Bobby Mackey's Music World, hauntings, mystery and music. An in depth look into how Bobby Mackey found his location. One of the most interesting conversations.

  • G_Crew 107 Steve Gonsalves

    Episode 8

    The G CREW enters a new realm with Steve Gonsalves! UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts, Music, Horror Movies and interesting perspectives on life are some of the topics explored during this out of the box conversation.

  • G_Crew 108 Steven Shippy aka Prozak

    Episode 9

    Chat Live https://www.vidi.live - The G CREW sit down with Steven Shippy aka "Prozak" hip hop artist, documentary filmmaker and paranormal investigator. Steven is the Host of "Haunting In The Heartland". Paranormal, music, bizarre happenings and the weird world we live in unfold throughout this d...

  • G_Crew 109 James "Bobo" Fay

    Episode 10

    James "Bobo" Fay from "Finding Bigfoot" talks with the G CREW about some bizarre worldly Sasquatch beings. Things get a bit weird during this conversation when Johnny Houser disappears as Bigfoot blue ball phenomena is mentioned!

  • G_Crew 110 Nikki Blonsky

    Episode 11

    Nikki Blonsky actress in "Hairspray" "The Last Movie Star" and many other films! Nikki joins the G CREW and discusses acting, life, relationships and ghosts! One of the most incredible G CREW episodes to date! Goosebumps are experienced by the epic beautiful voice of Blonsky! Sit back, LAUGH and ...

  • G_Crew 111 Amber & Matt from Netflix's Love is Blind

    Episode 12

    Love is in the air with the G CREW, Amber & Matt from Netflix's hit series "Love is Blind". Relationships, finding love in a pod and ghosts unfold in this fun conversation. The G CREW also hears about Amber's encounter with a shadow figure in the dark!

  • G_Crew 112 Matt Iseman

    Episode 13

    The G CREW get into a fun conversation with Matt Iseman host of American Ninja Warrior, LIVE Rescue, The Arnold Strongman, guest on Hollywood Game night, Winner of Lip Sync Battle and Celebrity Apprentice. Matt's journey has been incredible and has a blast sharing his stories with the G CREW!

  • G_Crew 113 Kayla Cromer

    Episode 14

    The G CREW speaks with the incredible Kayla Cromer actress from the hit series "Everything's Gonna Be Okay"! We talk about acting, fitness, paranormal investigating and becoming a squirrel super hero.

  • G_Crew 114 Caitlin Farrar - COVID-19

    Episode 15

    The G CREW talks with Caitlin Farrar who is a nurse and recovering from COVID-19. The conversation gives insight into what it is like to work on the front lines against COVID-19 and being in health care to help people. Thank you for listening and the G CREW is sending out positive vibes to everyo...

  • G_Crew 115 Bloody Mary

    Episode 16

    The G CREW has an in depth conversation with Bloody Mary in New Orleans, Louisiana. Interesting perspective on the paranormal, Voodoo and culture. Mary opens up the door to the spirits and the G CREW experience technical issues. Mary talks about some incredible knowledge she's gathered over the y...

  • G_Crew 116 Danny Bedrosian

    Episode 17

    Danny Bedrosian get's funky with the G CREW! Music, old school talk, funny moments and Danny gives insight into playing with George Clinton and The Parliament Funkadelic! You don't want to miss this epic conversation!! The G CREW might even board the mothership...

  • G_Crew 117 Seth Breedlove

    Episode 18

  • G_Crew 118 Sam Ferris

    Episode 19

    The G CREW and the Supernatural tango! Enjoy this great convo with special guest Samantha Ferris from the hit series Supernatural! Good laughs and fun insight into the world of the Supernatural series. What a badass!

  • G_Crew 119 Homer Hickam

    Episode 20

    One of the most humble human beings G CREW has spoken with guest Homer Hickam! What an incredible life Homer has lived! Vietnam War veteran, former NASA engineer, Author of several novels - 1998 memoir Rocket Boys (also published as October Sky) was a New York Times Best Seller and was the basis ...

  • G_Crew 120 Messinian

    Episode 21

    The G CREW speaks with music icon and producer Messinian! Real talk and touring stories with the legendary David Bowie! Some good laughs and hip hop drops. Feel the vibe and jump into the G CREW ride. Groff-Messinian bring the Ruckus!