2 Seasons

The G_CREW gives unique access into the other side with Nick Groff, Chad Lindberg, Johnny Houser and Josh Heard. Special guests announced every month. Interesting topics and crazy conversations. Go beyond where others stop and discover new insight never heard before! Explore broad topics such as paranormal, fitness, relationships, wellness, bizarre world, music, interesting people, romance, crazy minds, theories, cultures, etc... Be a part of the journey and let's take a walk on the wild side!

  • G_Crew 201 Dave Schrader

    Episode 1

    Season 2 kicking off right here! Good memories and stories told in this OG G CREW episode with guest Dave Schrader! Cool conversation about The Holzer Files series. Dave and Nick talk Ghost Adventures and relive some good moments experienced together.

  • G_Crew 202 Kane Hodder

    Episode 2

    The G CREW creep out with Kane Hodder aka (Jason Voorhees - FRIDAY THE 13th). Bloody good discussion about Horror films, Iconic characters Kane plays and a crazy conversation about the haunted Villisca Ax Murder House in Iowa. Enjoy the rollercoaster ride!

  • G_Grew 203 Chip Coffey

    Episode 3

    The G CREW are joined by the fabulous Chip Coffey. Embrace the moment of laughter, insight and a lot of energy. Some interesting topics covered by Chip and we learn more about this weird world we live in. Get ready for Chip and the G's! Enter our Realm!

  • G_Crew 204 Chris Fleming

    Episode 4

    The G CREW talk with the amazing Chris Fleming about life, death and beyond. What an incredible conversation! Chris shares new insight into the unknown and weird encounters he's experienced.

  • G_Crew 205 Kirkland's

    Episode 5

    The G CREW sit down with Jennifer and Lee Kirkland to talk about some funny stories and wild experiences. Get ready to laugh and learn more about the G's.

  • G_Crew LIVE: Tiger King's Kelci "SAFF" Saffery

    Episode 6

    A Live Exclusive Interview with Tiger King's Kelci "SAFF" Saffery!

  • G_Crew Live July 22nd

    Episode 7

    Live Session of the G_Crew and Mitch!

  • G_Crew 207 Tucia Lyman

    Episode 8

  • G_Crew 208 Joe Gaudet

    Episode 9

    Get ready to laugh! Guest Joe Gaudet joins the G CREW for some hilarious moments! Joe is the man of many impersonations! Epic conversation and extremely funny. So much personality in this episode you have to experience it!

  • G_Crew 209 Zack Ward

    Episode 10

    Great time with guest Zack Ward (A Christmas Story, Friday the 13th: The Series and a ton of other films!!) Funny and entertaining! Get an insight into the world of the film/TV industry. Get a real look at how the film and TV industry works.

  • G_Crew 210 Cody Lyster

    Episode 11

    The G CREW sits down with the Lyster family in Colorado to speak about Cody Lyster's passing from COVID. Very emotional. The family use the Geoport with Nick Groff to communicate with the other side in Cody's room. Must watch to see what happens! Incredible experience and insightful. (PLEASE SHAR...

  • G_Crew Live: Nathan Withers and Jeromy Jones

    Episode 12

    (Audio kicked in at 5:45) The G Crew talks with Nathan Withers (Buried Secrets Paranormal) and Jeromy Jones (Owner of Paranologies and the Jefferson Hotel).

  • G_Crew 211 Jessica Chobot

    Episode 13

    The G CREW talk with Jessica Chobot (Expedition X) about the weird world we live in and the journey she has been on through life. Games, creepy locations and funny stories. Watch and listen to this fun conversation. Enjoy!

  • G_Crew 212 Cindy Kaza

    Episode 14

    The G CREW has a great time speaking with the extremely talented and intelligent Cindy Kaza from the hit series "The Holzer Files"! Get ready for some unique insight and a good time!

  • G_Crew 213 Ryan Buell

    Episode 15

    The G CREW sit down with Ryan Buell (Paranormal State) and have an in depth conversation about life, paranormal and tough moments throughout the journey. Join us to find out more...