Ghost Crier: Breaking Frequencies

Ghost Crier: Breaking Frequencies

2 Episodes

Aaron G Thompson and Nick Simons met in late 2009 with a passion for mystery - and a skill to dig deep, where others’ could not. Join Ghost Crier on their investigations as they have experienced the paranormal, believe in it's worth with a skeptic's eye, and want to authenticate behaviors of ghostly activity to progress the science of ghosts.

Ghost Crier: Breaking Frequencies
  • GC:BF 102 The Haunted Viola School

    Episode 1

    Your typical run-of-the-mill school... with a ghostly twist. This mindblowingly-progressive class is in session! Join the #gcboyz on an adventure, that's NOT in the text books... you're welcome.

  • GC:BF 101 YMCA

    Episode 2

    Aaron, Nick, Kelly and Jarrad investigate the YMCA with special guest Kristen Leanne.