Haunted France

Haunted France

6 Episodes

French Paranormal Researcher, Vanessa Michel, explores the myths, legends and hauntings surrounding the most iconic locations in France.

Haunted France
  • HF 101 Castle The Fougeret

    Episode 1

    Join French Paranormal Researcher, Vanessa Michel, as she explores Castle The Fougeret. A location recognized for years as the most haunted castle in France.

  • HF 102 Les Catacombes

    Episode 2

    Vanessa explores the underground ossuaries in Paris, France that hold the remains of more than six million people.

  • HF 103 The Bloody Inn

    Episode 3

    French Paranormal Researcher, Vanessa Michel, delves into the history of L'auberge Rouge (The Red Inn).

  • HF 104 The Cursed Abbey

    Episode 4

    Vanessa travels to Normandy to explore a Cistercian Abbey built in the 14th Century.

  • HF 105 Royal Castle

    Episode 5

    In this episode, Royal Castle, Vanessa explores the Ch√Ęteau de Durtal, founded in 1040 by Fulk III the Black, Count of Anjou. The Castle of Durtal is one of the biggest of the Loir Valley.

  • HF 106 Castle of Martigne-Briand

    Episode 6

    Vanessa explores the medieval castle of Martigne-Briand built in the 15th century in the region of Pays-de-la-Loire.