Johnny Houser VS

Johnny Houser VS

4 Episodes

Johnny Houser investigating some of the most infamous locations in the country. Join his solo investigations as he explores a new location each season.

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Johnny Houser VS
  • JHV 101 What's in the Darkness is in the Light

    Episode 1

    Johnny Houser focuses on trying to contact the children of the house that were murdered.

  • JHV 102 Reverend Kelly

    Episode 2

    Johnny attempts to communicate with Reverend George Kelly, a traveling preacher who was a prime suspect in 1917 for the Villisca Axe Murders.

  • JHV 103 A Quiet Day at the Axe House

    Episode 3

    It's a quiet day at the Axe House, but Johnny does get some intelligent responses from something there.

  • JHV 104 Knowledge and Hope

    Episode 4

    The house slowly enjoys messing with Johnny Houser this episode. Particularly, his electronics. According to Darwin Linn, the previous owner of the HInsdale House, the Sac and Fox used the land as a burial ground. When Johnny asks about this, his equipment stops working.