JPR Experience

JPR Experience

4 Episodes

We are a team of best friends who have had our own personal experiences and unexplained phenomenon happen in our lives that have drawn us to be willing to do almost anything we must to track down, discover and document activity of the paranormal. We are dedicated to this and we understand what most people refuse to believe. We know what is out there and we know we will find it.

Our mission is to determine whether or not a place is haunted and to do what we can to figure out who or what is haunting that place. Our promise to you is that our findings are 100% real and raw.

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JPR Experience
  • JPR Experience: Beattie Mansion

    Episode 1

    Ashley and Jonah head to St. Joseph, Missouri to experience Beattie Mansion, once a home for the friendless now a paranormal hotspot for investigators and a personal favorite location for JPR.

  • JPR Experience: Edinburgh Manor

    Episode 2

    Jonah, Jonny and Ashley head to Scotch Grove, Iowa to once again experience what hides within the 150+ year old Edinburgh Manor. While trying new experiments never done before by JPR, Jonah feels that him and his family are threatened and for the first time experiences father instincts.

  • JPR Experience: Granger House

    Episode 3

    JPR experiences The Granger House in Marion, Iowa. A beautiful mid 1800’s home and it’s carriage house.