My Paranormal Experience

My Paranormal Experience

3 Episodes

Nathan Withers interviews people as they share their personal stories and encounters.

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My Paranormal Experience
  • My Paranormal Experience E1

    Episode 1

    Nathan brings his childhood best friend back to the small town of Lefors,Texas.

    Where he will re visit his past, and finally share and face the darkness that has haunted him for the last 14 years...

  • My Paranormal Experience E2

    Episode 2

    Kadi Caroll and show host, Nathan Withers, tells their stories next on My Paranormal Experience.

  • My Paranormal Experience: A Twisted Mini series

    Episode 3

    Part 1: Old South Pittsburg Hospital. Tonna Lotts from the Twisted Paranormal Society for the first time in years, talks about the experience that still to this very day has a hold on her. “You do NOT have permission, to hurt Tonna!”