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  • DAMM Ladies of the Paranormal: Millard

    Watch and Chat Live: -- The D.A.M.M. Ladies of the Paranormal feature a group of women who explore places of the unknown. Their main focus is to help out families in need and find out what is haunting their homes. In Episode 2 they focus on a private residential case in...

  • Buried Alive Paranormal: Stephenson Building

    Buried Alive Paranormal investigates the Stephenson Building. Its rich history takes you back through many eras in time. The spirits that linger here seem to have ties to Al Capone, the Dillinger Gang as well as members of the KKK and the odd fellows. As Buried Alive Paranormal finds more evidenc...

  • The Twisted Realm: Avenel

    Join the members of the Twisted Crew as they take you to the town of Bedford, Va to investigate a location with a rich historical past, Avenel Plantation.

  • Unlimbited Journey

    Mike Couch, Founder of Lost Limbs Foundation, reaches out to Nick Groff to climb the highest peak in the Northeastern United States, Mount Washington or "Agiocochook." Mike and Nick are joined by Jeff Waldridge and Elizabeth Saint to document their climb to the top of the mountain. Trouble finds ...

  • Buried Secrets Paranormal Season Finale: Panhandle Inn Lockdown

    After 5 long years, the BSP crew returns to a very special location in Panhandle,TX and witness the most mind blowing paranormal events they have ever captured on film.

  • Momo: The Missouri Monster


    The year was 1972 and the place was a tiny, quaint, riverfront town called Louisiana, Missouri. On a warm summer evening two local kids saw a creature in their own backyard and before you could say the word “Bigfoot” the local media and police officials alike had pounced on the story. Overnight L...

  • TGF 107 Pennhurst

    The team investigates Pennhurst, the legendary haunted hospital, in Pennsylvania.

  • WTW 102 Williams County Jail

    Dan and his team investigate Williams County Jail in Bryan, OH built in 1869.

  • Tango Down


    Two Marines on a routine snatch-and-grab mission in Afghanistan encounter an unthinkable choice. As rounds and horror rain down, and with only seconds to spare, Samantha Salas (Julia Ling) and Russell Dorsett (Ryan Stuart) are forced to take immediate action that will forever shatter their unbrea...


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