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  • Weird World Adventures with Malorie M...

    Live Chat Room: - - Welcome to Weird World Adventures where we celebrate weird people living weird lives! In our pilot episode, we will show you that adventure can be found anywhere, even in your own back yard. Join host Malorie Mackey as she takes you across the United S...

  • Afterlife Sessions: Beattie Mansion

    Live Chat Room: - - Zeke Sethwill and his crew investigate the Beattie Mansion in St. Joseph, Missouri. Where few have entered, they faced poltergeist activity in the former kitchen.

  • Sounds Scary: Gavin Michael Booth

    Live Chat Room: - - This week, on Sounds Scary, James Oster sits down with the very talented filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth. The two discuss Paranormal Activity, his influences, and his indie thriller The Scarehouse. He also talks about his brilliant festival feature, the...