Death Walker

Death Walker

Death Walker - A person who walks among the dead. This Halloween, the all-new highly anticipated series, Death Walker, drops exclusively on VIDI SPACE hosted by world renowned paranormal researcher, Nick Groff (of Paranormal Lockdown, Ghost Adventures and Ghosts of Shepherdstown). The show focuses on Nick’s solo journey into understanding different reasons why various locations are haunted. In its unique format, two locations are compared each episode highlighting different paranormal theories where he delves into the concept of time, the impact of crime events, realizing not everything is a ghost and expanding the definition of paranormal phenomena. Are you a Death Walker? (5 one-hour episodes) #DeathWalker

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Death Walker

5 Videos

  • Death Walker: Space-Time

    Nick ventures into the infamous Brushy Mountain Penitentiary in Petros, Tennessee and the Madison Seminary in Madison, Ohio with the intent on communicating with the ghosts that are tied to these locations. Do they realize they are dead? After his investigation, Nick theorizes that his reality is...

  • Death Walker: Stone Tape Theory 

    Nick investigates the 6th Precinct in Detroit, Michigan and the House of Wills in Cleveland, Ohio. Tragedies at two locations that still seem to hold memories of the past. Four officer suicides have become now ingrained within the precinct walls, while the House of Wills attempts to communicate ...

  • Death Walker: The Others

    The owners of the Willis House Inn in Willis, Michigan call Nick and ask him to see if their inn is safe to open for business. Nick will try to see if a past exorcism bounded a negative spirit inside a small hole located inside their basement and will sleep inside the most active area of the reno...

  • Death Walker: Masonic Mysteries

    The Octagon Hall and the Morrison Lodge, located in Kentucky, are built upon mysteries of the past. During Nick's investigation at the Octagon Hall, he witnesses what appears to be a UFO, a common occurrence that is witnessed on the property which is also haunted by the spirits of civil war soldi...

  • Death Walker: Thought Form Entity

    Nick revisits two iconic haunted locations that have forever changed his outlook on the paranormal, Bobby Mackey's Music World in Wilder Kentucky and Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada. Nick will attempt to communicate with what he believes to be a tulpa, a thought form entity, that is haunting...