Professor Balthazar

Professor Balthazar

13 Episodes

Professor Balthazar is a Croatian animated television series for children about an old inventor that was produced between 1967 and 1978. It was created by animator Zlatko Grgić.

Professor Balthazar is a scientist with a kind nature, friendly towards all living creatures, a guardian of all that is good and a fighter against evil. He is an ecologist, a promoter of tolerance, peace and love, witty, creative and modest.With his kindness and will to help people make the world a better place, Professor Balthazar is an ideal character for the 21st century.

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Professor Balthazar
  • PB 101 Lighthouse Keeping

    Episode 1

    Balthazar travels to the Alps where he meets a man who spends his whole life yodeling although he is disturbed by avalanches. Soon after that he finds a lighthouse keeper in the South Seas who is unable to eat his continuously melting ice-cream. Finally, they both change places, son that the firs...

  • PB 102 The Rise and Fall of Horatio

    Episode 2

    Balthazar's friend, the famous conductor Horatio, loses favour because of the misfortune which suddenly strikes - at every concert he loses his trousers. In order to help his friend, Balthazar invents the strongest braces in the world, which are so elastic that they enable the most fantastic jump...

  • PB 103 The Inventor of Shoes

    Episode 3

    Professor Balthazar was an inventor. One day he thought up a pair of quite extraordinary shoes. These shoes could dance, jump, chase around like an automobile; very extraordinary shoes indeed. Being the good fellow that he was, Professor Balthazar made a present of them to all his friends. For ma...

  • PB 104 The Flying Fabian

    Episode 4

    The tram conductor Fabian saves the life of a small sparrow which then, teaches him how to fly. Fabian's tram becomes the first fying tram in the world and this causes a lot of trouble which, however, end happily.

  • PB 105 Maestro Koko

    Episode 5

    Elefant Koko, the famous musician, plays music on his trunk. He also loves to eat enormous quantities of ice-cream, But, one day he catch a terrible cold and cannot play any more. Koko is desperate and disappears from the town. His friends, together with professor Balthazar, search the whole worl...

  • PB 106 Martin Makes It to the Top

    Episode 6

    Martin is a man whom nobody notices despite his efforts to attract attention Balthazar presents him with a book on how to climb of success. But Martin dissappears and only then does everybody notice that he is missing. Finally, Balthazar nds him at the top of high mountain where together with his...

  • PB 108 Arts and Flowers

    Episode 8

    The painter Leo is unhappy because the people do not understand his art, although he tries to apply it t everyday life. Professor Balthazar, the only person who buys his pictures brings him for his birthday present a flower port from which would grow a beautiful flower . Two butterflies, Florian ...

  • PB 109 Happiness for Two

    Episode 9

    Many of Balthazar’s friends hide their childish hobbies which imperil their careers: a grown man is not allowed to perform funny extravagances in public. Because of this, Professor Balthazar invents a magic formula which enables each of them to enter a freer and more leisurely world than this one.

  • PB 110 Knitting Pretty

    Episode 10

    Two aunts enjoy more than anything else, knitting for their friends. When they once knitted a pullover with eight sleeves, they decided to present it to the star of the theatre, the octopus with its eight arms. The pullover was such a success with his friends from the bottom of the sea that they ...

  • PB 111 Victor's Egg-O-Mat

    Episode 11

    Victor and his egg-o-mat – a machine for perfectly Boiled eggs – is the main sensation in Professor Balthazar’s town. When the egg-o-mat and all the clocks In town break down – numerous problems appear and Professor Balthazar is asked for help. He soon discovers Zizi, an inhabitant from a distant...

  • PB 112 A Windy Story

    Episode 12

    In one city the wind ceased to blow and that upset all the citizens. Professor Balthazar had discovered that the wind went to the neighbouring town and caused havoc their. Balthazar constructed ingenious devices which both cities in a very funny way.

  • PB 113 Starlight Serenaders

    Episode 13

    Tailor, road sweeper and glass-blower discover the possibilities for performing music with their tools. But the audience booed. Even after persistent practise and a beautiful performance the audience still does not understand them. Professor Balthazar discovers in space a lonely singer. Our three...