Serial Killer Culture TV

Serial Killer Culture TV

2 Seasons

A true-crime series featuring intimate interviews with those involved in serial killer culture and true crime. Included are collectors, artists, survivors, authors, forensic psychologists, museums, universities, and more.

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Serial Killer Culture TV
  • SKC 101 Peter Kurten's Head

    Episode 1

    Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Discusses how the mummified head of German Serial Killer Peter Kurten came to be in the Wisconsin Dells Odditorium.

  • SKC 102 Gacy's Brain

    Episode 2

    Dr. Helen Morrison discusses studying John Wayne Gacy and has his brain in a jar.

  • SKC 103 Hyaena Gallery

    Episode 3

    Owner Bill Shafer discusses selling serial killer artwork and letters.

  • SKC 104 Jonestown Survivor

    Episode 4

    Survivor Laura Johnston Kohl discusses surviving the Jonestown Massacre, and San Diego State University discusses their Jonestown exhibit.

  • SKC 105 Murder Auction

    Episode 5

    Everyday is serial killer culture for Murder owner William Harder who accepts calls from serial killers and also visits them in prisons.

  • SKC 106 Merle Allin and the Murder Junkies

    Episode 6

    Merle Allin explains how he came to write to serial killers and shows off his collection of true crime artifacts.