Serial Killer Culture TV

Serial Killer Culture TV

2 Seasons

A true-crime series featuring intimate interviews with those involved in serial killer culture and true crime. Included are collectors, artists, survivors, authors, forensic psychologists, museums, universities, and more.

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Serial Killer Culture TV
  • Serial Killer Culture TV: Channeling Manson

    Episode 1

    Michael Channels discusses becoming Charles Manson’s friend and collecting items which Manson created.

  • Serial Killer Culture TV: My Friend Gacy

    Episode 2

    Live Chat Room: - - Barry Boschelli, John Wayne Gacy’s childhood friend, discusses his friendship with Gacy and making a documentary film with filmmaker Dan Kiggins.

  • Serial Killer Culture TV: Bumped by a Monster

    Episode 3

    Author Dr. Peter Vronsky discusses how he literally ran into serial killer Richard Cottingham and also discusses female serial killers.

  • Serial Killer Culture TV: Infamous Bathory

    Episode 4

    Author Kim Craft discusses fact and fiction in the story of Countess Elizabeth Bathory who was rumored to have been a vampire, serial killer and also bathed in the blood of her victims.

  • Serial Killer Culture TV: Real Life Monsters

    Stephen Giannangelo is an author and ex-law enforcement offer who not only teaches a class on serial murder, but he also has a collection of true crime artifacts including several paintings by John Wayne Gacy.

  • Serial Killer Culture TV: Serial Killers Down Under

    Episode 6

    Australian Author Amanda Howard discusses corresponding with some of Australia’s infamous serial killers.