Sounds Scary

Sounds Scary

3 Episodes

Sounds Scary invites you to join hosts, Ryan Cultrera and James Oster (aka JimmyO) as they lead viewers into the world of music, sound and horror. The two are joined each episode by filmmakers, artists, musicians and more as they discuss behind the scenes secrets, music, influences and even share a spooky story or two. Step inside this insightful, funny, engaging and spooky soundscape of Sounds Scary!

Sounds Scary
  • Sounds Scary: Ian Honeyman

    Episode 1

    Watch and Chat: - - Jimmy O talks to Los Angeles-based American film composer, Ian Honeyman.

  • Sounds Scary: JW Ocker

    Episode 2

    Award-winning author of spooky books. ROTTER HOUSE: 2019 (Turner). CURSED OBJECTS: 2020 (Quirk). SMASHED MAN: 2021 (HarperCollins Kids).

  • Sounds Scary: Ronny Pascale

    Episode 3

    Jimmy O Interviews Ronny Pascale at The Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum