Sounds Scary

Sounds Scary

14 Episodes

Sounds Scary invites you to join hosts, Ryan Cultrera and James Oster (aka JimmyO) as they lead viewers into the world of music, sound and horror. The two are joined each episode by filmmakers, artists, musicians and more as they discuss behind the scenes secrets, music, influences and even share a spooky story or two. Step inside this insightful, funny, engaging and spooky soundscape of Sounds Scary!

Sounds Scary
  • Sounds Scary: Ian Honeyman

    Episode 1

    Watch and Chat: - - Jimmy O talks to Los Angeles-based American film composer, Ian Honeyman.

  • Sounds Scary: JW Ocker

    Episode 2

    Award-winning author of spooky books. ROTTER HOUSE: 2019 (Turner). CURSED OBJECTS: 2020 (Quirk). SMASHED MAN: 2021 (HarperCollins Kids).

  • Sounds Scary: Ronny Pascale

    Episode 3

    Jimmy O Interviews Ronny Pascale at The Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum

  • Sounds Scary: Patrick Lussier

    Episode 4

    This week on Sounds Scary, Ryan Cultrera and Jimmy O talk with the incredibly talented Patrick Lussier. The accomplished filmmaker discusses everything from working with Wes Craven on New Nightmare and the Scream franchise, as well as his own features My Bloody Valentine, Drive Angry, and his lat...

  • Sounds Scary: Anna and the Apocalypse with Chris Leveaux and Sarah Swire

    Episode 5

    Ryan Cultrera and James Oster welcome Anna and the Apocalypse stars Chris Leveaux and Sarah Swire for our very first quarantine episode! In this lively and engaging discussion , the crew talk zombies, musicals, the power of dancing on your own during self isolation and so much more! You won’t wa...

  • Sounds Scary: Paul Salamoff

    This week on Sounds Scary, host Ryan Cultrera talks with the incredibly talented visual effects master and author Paul Salamoff about his work on Dogma, Me, Myself and Irene, Ed Wood, Batman Returns and much more. Paul also opens up about his latest directorial adventures with Encounter starring ...

  • Sounds Scary: Gavin Michael Booth

    Episode 7

    Live Chat Room: - - This week, on Sounds Scary, James Oster sits down with the very talented filmmaker Gavin Michael Booth. The two discuss Paranormal Activity, his influences, and his indie thriller The Scarehouse. He also talks about his brilliant festival feature, the...

  • Sounds Scary: Audiojack

    Episode 8

    An Audiojack is an audio-based movie to help you mindfully activate your imagination through sound.

  • Sounds Scary: Chad Lindberg

    Episode 9

    Jimmy O and Ryan talk with actor, Chad Lindberg, known for his work on The Fast and the Furious (2001), Supernatural (2005) and October Sky (1999).

  • Sounds Scary: Jeffrey Reddick

    Episode 10

  • Sounds Scary: Todd Strauss-Schulson

    Episode 11

    Sometimes it’s nice to have a laugh with a scare, and the very talented filmmaker, Todd Strauss-Schulson knows a lot about both. Jimmy and Ryan welcome the director of The Final Girls, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas and Isn’t It Romantic. They talk horror, heartbreak, humor and Bette Davis Eyes!

  • Sounds Scary: Antebellum

    Episode 12

    This week’s Sounds Scary makes a special stop on the press tour of the highly anticipated horror film, Antebellum, featuring Janelle Monae. James Oster and Ryan Cultrera talk with the very talented writing/directing team of Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz! They talk about the real life horrors o...

  • Jaws Screenwriter Carl Gottlieb

    Episode 13

    Join host Ryan Cultrera as he sits down with the man who wrote his favorite movie, Jaws. Carl Gottlieb joins Sounds Scary for a special two part episode. In part one, Ryan and Carl meet in person to talk about the locations of the film, writing for Spielberg, and behind the scenes stories. In par...

  • Sounds Scary: Kevin Smith

    Episode 14

    In the season finale of Sounds Scary, hosts James "JimmyO" Oster and Ryan Cultrera welcome the legendary Kevin Smith! The writer/director/actor/storyteller dives into the world of Tusk, Red State and so much more! If you've ever wondered what might have been with the much discussed feature Moose ...