The Film Office

The Film Office

4 Episodes

A parody documentary series focusing on a small film crew called "Blue View."

The Film Office
  • The Film Office: Pilot

    Episode 1

    We meet the crew behind Blue View Cinema, an independent film production company. Josh Taube may be president and CEO, but do his employees see him this way?

  • The Film Office: Interrogation Day

    Episode 2

  • The Film Office: The Merger

    Episode 3

    Josh loses the office and is forced into a merger with Anna at Garcia Studios. Chuck finds out that Anna is up to something sinister. Milan and Al meet a shady new co-worker. Nate is... well... Nate.

  • The Film Office: The Pool Party

    Episode 4

    Blue View is invited to what Josh believes is a costume competition. Nate is not on the list. A few familiar yet unexpected faces arrive to the competition. Also, where's Julie in all of this?