The Haunted Hunts

The Haunted Hunts

5 Episodes

The Haunted Hunts are one of the UK's leading paranormal teams and are best known for TV shows 'Search For The Truth' & 'The Haunted Hunts'.

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The Haunted Hunts
  • THH 101 Pool Park Asylum

    The Haunted Hunts team head to North Wales to investigate an old mental asylum and WW2 POW camp. Disturbing reports of satanic rituals taking place inside the location are believed to have caused severe paranormal activity of a demonic nature but what is it that lurks behind the shadows of this t...

  • THH 102 The Ancient Ram Inn

    The Ancient Ram Inn found within the village of Wotton-under-Edge, a market town within the Stroud district of Gloucestershire, England. It is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in the country.

  • THH 103 Antwerp Mansion

    Episode 3

    In Manchester, an historic mansion has become the focus of increased crime rates in the area. Reports suggest people are becoming increasingly aggressive after spending time in the basement of the house and a dark mass has been seen lurking in the depths of the location but what is really going o...

  • THH 104 Delamere Forest

    Episode 4

    Watch and Chat Live - - The team face one of their toughest investigations yet as they spend the entire night in the depths of Delamere Forest. Satanic cults have been performing rituals in these woods for many years and locals believe the forest is extremely haunted but wha...

  • THH 105 The Haunted Mill

    Episode 5

    The Haunted Hunts team take on a location known simply as 'the haunted mill'. The building has a history of murder, suicide and even satanic rituals taking place in the 1980's and recently this old cotton mill has become well known for it's hauntings but nothing can prepare the team for what they...