The Occult Collector

The Occult Collector

2 Episodes

Calvin Von Crush, an avid skeptic, tattoo artist, and director of the Talking Board Historical Society, shares with you his impressive collection of pieces related to the occult and paranormal history while introducing you to some impressive guest experts he's crossed paths with over the years.

The Occult Collector
  • TOC 101 The Mummified Cat, Spirit Boards, and Monique

    Calvin Von Crush takes you inside his home museum to explore the rare pieces of occult and paranormal history he has collected through years of scouring the dark nooks and crannies of the world.

  • TOC 102 Mark May Robots

    Episode 2

    Calvin is joined by his friend, Mark May, an American Folk Artist to showcase his inventions and talk about the origins of some of the most well known and obscure cryptids.