Unlimbited Journey

Unlimbited Journey

2 Episodes

Unlimbited Journey is about pushing your limits. Every day we have thoughts of things we would like to do. But something holds us back at times. We never know what we are capable of in life until we push our limits. We are capable of more than we think we are. This series will show what it’s like to just go for it and test your limits...and go beyond those limits. You’ll see accomplishments, and failures, but it’s about not giving up. You’ll laugh, you’ll feel motivated, inspired, and maybe even cry. It’s also about creating awareness, and raise money for a charity that helps amputee children with prosthetics.

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Unlimbited Journey
  • Unlimbited Journey: Mount Washington

    Episode 1

    Mike Couch, Founder of Lost Limbs Foundation, reaches out to Nick Groff to climb the highest peak in the Northeastern United States, Mount Washington or "Agiocochook." Mike and Nick are joined by Jeff Waldridge and Elizabeth Saint to document their climb to the top of the mountain. Trouble finds ...

  • Unlimbited Journey: Spartan Race

    Episode 2

    UNLIMBITED JOURNEY is more than a series; it’s the inspirational reminder we need that we can all overcome challenges in the face of great adversity. Sometimes it’s just about showing up. On behalf of VIDI and Mike Couch thank you Spartan, Nick Groff, Johnny Houser, Jeff Waldridge, Rick Ormortis ...