Walking Through History

Walking Through History

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Appealing to history buffs and dedicated ramblers alike, in this new four-part series Tony Robinson embarks on spectacular walks through some of Britain’s most historic landscapes in search of the richest stories from Britain’s past.

Walking Through History
  • Walking Through History: The Path to Stonehenge

    Episode 1

    Walking from the stone circles of Avebury to Stonehenge, Tony explores the origins, the latest theories and the connections between Europe’s finest collection of Neolithic monuments.

  • Walking Through History: Romans in the Lakes

    Episode 2

    The Lake District is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations –but few see just how much the conquering Roman army made their mark on the stunning landscape.

  • Walking Through History: Smuggler's Cornwall

    Episode 3

    Tony walks a stretch of the fabulous Cornish coast, discovering why and how smuggling was the biggest industry in the area for decades, back in the eighteenth century.

  • Walking Through History: Wigan Pier

    Episode 4

    The Liverpool-Leeds canal is the longest single man-made waterway in the country; Tony travels the first 50 miles from Liverpool to the iconic Pier at Wigan, uncovering the extraordinary stories from its Georgian and Victorian origins.

  • Walking Through History: The Dark Age of Northumbria

    Episode 5

    From just north of the Scottish border, Tony Robinson sets off across the ancient kingdom of Northumbria which in the 7th century stretched from Edinburgh to York, on the trail of the truth about St Cuthbert, the greatest saint of his time.

  • Walking Through History: North Norfolk

    Episode 6

    Tony takes in the wonderful seascapes of the North Norfolk coast, determined to discover how the area remained so blissfully unchanged when the Victorian age of industry and railways transformed lives and landscapes across the country.