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  • Famous Generals: Eisenhower

    This film, narrated by Oscar-nominated actor Raymond Massey, shows the life of a man who is a symbol and a leader of one of the greatest military victories ever won by the U.S.: Dwight D. Eisenhower. Introduction by Academy Award-winner Walter Matthau.

  • Famous Generals: Bradley

    The story of General Omar N. Bradley, a man of quiet dignity, yet he had a punch that packed a terrific wallop. Find out what made him one of America’s most successful Army generals. Introduction by Academy Award-winning actor Walter Matthau.

  • Famous Generals: MacArthur

    Narrated by Walter Cronkite and with an introduction by Walter Matthau, this 1963 film chronicles the career of General Douglas MacArthur with an emphasis on World War II action in the Pacific and during the post-war era in Japan.